Offsite & Onsite Backups

For our clients we like to provide offsite and onsite backups, obviously there is a cost behind this but it does mean your data is even more protected.

We do nightly backups to our offsite secured servers. If anything happens to your server you don’t have to worry about your data. Even our cloud based servers have offsite backups just in case the worst happens at the data centres.
We use 2 forms of onsite backups; shadow copy and image backups to another hard drive. the use a 2nd hard drive in all our servers just in case the main hard drive fails and all your backups go with it. we do image backups of the operating system drive and data drives which are easier to restore. we use 1 of 2 programs for our offsite backups depending on the requirements of our clients.

Our prices start @ £50 per month for backups. This mainly depends on the size of your backups & how often you want backups done.