Cloud Systems & Onsite Systems

We offer 2 main different types of server systems. Cloud based or onsite servers.

There are advantages & disadvantages to both types of systems, if your company has multiple sites or have home workers then a cloud system is normally the best way to go. If you only have 1 site and most staff work in the office then onsite servers are normally the ideal solution. Cloud servers also heavily rely on a solid broadband connection. We can help support and setup both types of systems. Cloud systems are becoming very popular to onsite servers. Cloud systems can include anything from cloud based servers, features including Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint and many more. More people are reliant over cloud systems as the data is easier to access from work or home. We can help setup features like VPNs to access your data from on-site servers. There is a wide range of choices and every customer wants to do something slightly different. We listen to your needs and recommend a system from there.