Ad Hoc IT Support

If you are running a very small IT system, or you do not feel that a support contract will benefit your business, we offer ad hoc IT support on a per call-out basis, charged per hour.

Our ad hoc support is very reasonably priced and we can normally give you a good idea of how much any particular job may cost when charged per hour.

Ad hoc support can resolve most of the issues that our contracts will deal with, the main differences with ad hoc support are:

  • No preventative maintenance – with our ad hoc support we only work on your system when you tell us you have a problem, therefore we will never catch potential problems before they arise
  • lower response times – We provide a high level of service to all of our customers, but if we have an issue with a contract client we will always aim to resolve that before any issues with ad hoc clients – this is because we have a much greater obligation to our contract clients.
  • More manageable costs – With ad hoc support you can manage costs as they arise – this is good for small businesses as you may only use our services occasionally.

Main Disadvantages

The main disadvantage and potential problem with ad hoc support is the fact that we do not monitor your system, and more importantly the fact that by the time you as the client notices a problem it could already be a disaster – for this reason we recommend ad hoc support for companies that only run workstations – whereas companies that run server based systems we always highly recommend maintenance contracts.